Kessa Gooden is an Author, Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist. Given her ability to speak, Kessa has been motivating and empowering men, women and children worldwide.

Kessa Gooden who at the age of 14 years, migrated to the United States and been on her own since then with no one to lean on. With perseverance, determination and endurance she is self-independent, C.E.O of multiple business. She is looking to motivate, empower and be a mentor those that needs to be uplifted… What are your issues, marriage, finance,Abused and relationship? Look no further; I can assure you that this information will mend your challenges, and also put a big smile on your face. 

Do you feel alone out there? Does depression come knocking on your door?
Society thinks you are worthless?
They are wrong.

Inside you, you have the strength to overcome every obstacle in life.

Do you remember the last time you felt bad? Bad about yourself.

That was in the past. From now on, it is my mission to help you live your life as positively as possible.

You will experience empowerment. You will pick yourself up. People will stop insulting you. Even if they do, you will know their insults are insignificant.


Who am I, you might be wondering.

I am Kessa Gooden. Mom of three lovely children that empower people every second of my life. Whenever getting out of bed or taking action seems impossible, I think of my children. Then I can do anything.

I wasn’t always like this. You might have felt it yourself. You live life with good intentions. You care about your friends and family. You believe that you can do good to the world.

But something always prevents you.

Life sends you hardship after hardship. Test after test. You fight bravely but eventually realize that it’s too much. And you begin to lose ground.

I have been there myself. I was alone in this world from the age of 14. Living in shelters, group homes and abandon buildings. A young girl with no one in the world who cared about me. All I could do was fight. Or die. Today I am 29. Guess what I’ve decided to do?

I also didn’t get the genetic jackpot on the weight department. I was a plus size woman. No, scratch plus size. I was morbidly obese and bed bound. My health was in jeopardy. When I tried to take control of my life, your health many times comes second place. That’s what happened to me. Doctors looked at me and nodded their heads. A lost case they said to each other.

But I proved them wrong. Who were they to decide my life for me? I lost over 150 lbs in 4 years by finding the strength to move forward and making great decisions for my health. Today I am enjoying food like a normal person, sharing it with the people that love me the most.

While physical health and a sweet family are the most important things in life, we can always do so much more.

So, I dedicated my focus and energy on building a successful business career. Today I am the CEO of multiple businesses, with real estate being one of them.

“Why do I care Kessa?”, you are probably saying to yourself. And you are right. Why should you care about me? The truth is, I am not creating this website for me. No. This is a website for you.

I have gone through hell and even nastier places, but I had come back. Others try and fail and for them it’s game over.

That’s why I created this website.

Having faced so many hardships in life, I realized that my experience will benefit others. I have learned from my mistakes along the way and I will be sharing my solutions with you. Every obstacle in life has way around it. And I want to help you find your way.

Today starts the new YOU. And I am honored to be the one showing you how to create your new self. This is not a sales pitch dear friend. There will be nothing here to sell. Only positive energy and a desire to help you.

Because it’s by helping others that we become better human beings.

Thank you.