Just wanted to thank you for being an AMAZING mentor, business partner, friend, spiritual inspiration, and just over all great person. I've known you for over 5 years now and you have inspired me to be more and want more out of life. You have always been upfront and honest with me which has pushed me to be a better person. Because of you my income has increased, my outlook on life has changed and you are always there when I need you. Sometimes you tell me things I don't want to hear but in the long run I realize it was true and where you were coming from. When I speak to you I can just feel the fire again within me. Sometimes we lose ourselves and don’t know how to overcome it but you have the power to help anyone realize they are made for more. Thanks for always being there and I appreciate you as a business partner, spiritual leader and friend.
Manuela Olivares
Microblading Artist
Oh My God. Kessa you have been so good to me. Thanks a lot. I promise to remain humble and prayerful with regards your generosity. I am part of the family!
Idrissa Paul