the show
Kessa Gooden Show

Kessa Gooden Show is a breath of fresh air into the talk show business. Giving the platform to inform, motivate, enlighten and empower.


Unlike, the many talk show out there, we at Kessa Gooden Show are a team of determined people ready to address every issue of marriage, relationship, health, education, abuse, among others.


Kessa Gooden Show, hosted by Kessa Gooden, a personality who have gone through hell and has survived it. With such experience, viewers are assured of nothing but true live experiences and divers ways to come out of the pit to see the day light.

The Kessa gooden show is where the magic happens, she addresses the various issue anybody might have…. You name it. Marriage, life, financial challenges, abandonment issues. All aspects of everything. Kessa will put in her unique views of a conflict and strive to end the conflict.

Modern society confuses people nowadays, making way for fights, and all types of problems that end up not uniting us as one…and the result in loss of a life. If by any chance, you face a problem that you think would end up bad or if your going through a problem that is troubling you too much, don’t hesitate to contact kessa and she will be able to help you in every way she can. Big problems could be prevented; we could find another way to solve it before things end violently.

If you are going through a life of misunderstanding, you can definitely get help from kessa.
If you’re going through a life of sadness, you can get help from kessa,
Any kind of problem, or if you just want somebody to give their opinion about something that’s troubling you, then you can contact kessa.

Anything troubling you and you always can get your problem solved by kessa. By watching her show, you can get out of the depths and reach the light that stays up.

Because if you have lived a life in darkness, and desperately want to go up in life. Then trust kessa and take her words into your hearts, then you will surely find the peace you were looking for.