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Tips to boost motivation

Every person can feel the ups and downs of motivation. Maintaining the levels of motivation can be challenging for all of us at some point. We all have been there. But motivation levels affect our work performance. Here, we have some great tips to boost motivation. These aren’t specific to any industry or business, but this would work for anyone. Have a look:

  • Recognize quality work

The biggest factor of motivation lies behind how much his or her work is appreciated. 70 % of the employees say that recognition from their boss or manager could really improve their motivation. If an employee has done a good task, then his or her manager should encourage him or her. This will definitely boost their motivation. When employees aren’t recognized for their hard work then their motivation tends to decline.

  • Set clear goals

Your motivation depends on your ability to do work. If you feel enthusiastic and interested in the work you are doing, then you will feel motivated but if you don’t, you won’t have any motivation to do so. If your project is long, boring, and isn’t clear what it is about then you are not getting motivated for this. Try to do work that is interesting and keeps you motivated. In work, you should set small yet achievable goals so that you could finish it with proper attention and then move on to the next one. Once you have set them, measure them weekly if you have achieved them.

  • Develop a mantra

There is something that is the trigger for someone’s motivation. Everyone can find their own trigger. A Mantra is a verbal statement that really triggers someone. So, find out what mantra does work for you and this will give you the motivation to do better. If you find yourself in the midst of some complications, then say that aloud to yourself and you will find motivation.

  • Try out some routine or rituals

People have different beliefs and usually they have different routines or rituals they perform that clears their head. You can try a few experiments and pick the one that works for you. This could be anything. Some people find jogging to clear their mind while some prefer yoga because it gives them peace. The point of experimenting with these rituals is to make yourself comfortable because when you are happy, calm, and comfortable, then motivation will come easily while in stress you won’t be able to get motivation.

  • Be optimistic

The road to success has its own peaks and valleys but it will lead you to the destination. Some days you feel positive and ready to take over the world while some days you feel negative and pessimistic. But if you want to be productive, motivated and successful, you have got to be optimistic. Try to convince your mind about all the positive things that happened to you because of optimism. Free your mind from all the negative thoughts and doubts. Let the positivity flow in your mind.

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